Garment: Youth and Minor

Child Labour

Children between ages of 15 and 18 years may already be employed to do an easy job, however on record; the employer is required to fulfill a number of conditions. Does your company employ children (aged less than 15 years)?

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Minimum Age to Work in Garment

What is a child labour?

Child labour is work done by children who are younger than the designated minimum age in one or another of these categories :

age 13 for light work
age 15 for ordinary work
age 18 for hazardous work"

What is the minimum age to work in garment sector?

The minimum age for workers in garment sector is 18 years. Article 68 of Labour Law states that employers are prohibited from employing children. According to the provision, a child is anyone under 18 years.

Can a 15 years old work in a garment sector? On what conditions?

Young workers between the age of 13 - 15 years old can be employed for light work, provided that the job does not affect their physical, mental and social development. Light work requires written permission from parents/guardians and the employer must provide them with an employment contract; children can be employed only in daytime for 3 hours (maximum) without disturbing their schooling

Children under 18 are prohibited from operating dangerous machinery or equipment (including cutting, sewing, knitting or weaving machines, boilers or lifts), or engage in heavy lifting (12 kgs for boys and 10 kgs for girls).

Can 13-15 year old children work in a family owned garment home industry?

13-15 years old children may be employed only for 3 hours (maximum) to perform light work as long as it is not disturbing their schooling, and does not interfere with the development of their physical, mental, and social lkife. If a child is working in a family business permission from parent/guardian, or written employment agreements and wages are not obliged

Must theemployer provide wages for young workers aged 13-17 years old? How is it regulated?

In accordance with Article 92 paragraph 1 of Labour Law, the employer may create their own pay scale according to class, position, length of employment, education, and competency. The wages for young workers usually fall under the normal regulations for ordinary worker.

Hazardous Work for Children in Garment

What is the type of work is categorized as hazardous work for children?

Below is the list of jobs that endanger children according to The Decision of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia Number: KEP. 235/MEN/2003 of 31 October 2003, concerning jobs that jeopardize the health, safety or morals of children :

1. Jobs that endanger the health and safety of children

a. Jobs related to machines, engines, installations and other equipment
b. Jobs conducted in a hazardous working environment, including jobs containing physical, chemical and biological hazards
c. Jobs contain certain hazardous nature and condition:

• Construction works of buildings, bridges, roads or irrigation projects
• Jobs in timber processing companies such as cutting down trees, transporting and
• unloading
• Jobs to manually lift up and carry loads that are heavier than 12 kilograms (if the child is a boy) or 10 kilograms (if the child is a girl)
• Jobs inside a locked workplace/ building
• Jobs in offshore fishing activities or in fishing in deep/pelagic waters
• Jobs in isolated and remote areas
• Jobs on ships
• Jobs on sites where garbage/waste is dumped, processed or recycled
• Jobs conducted between 6pm and 6am.

2. Jobs that harm the moral of the child

a. Jobs in bars, discotheques, karaoke, billiards/ pool, cinemas, massage parlors or places that may be used for prostitution
b. Jobs as a model for promoting alcoholic drinks, drugs to arouse sexual desire and/or cigarettes"

What is the minimum age for hazardous work?

The minimum age to perform hazardous work is 18 years.