Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in Central Java

Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in Central Java 2019

Provincial Minimum Wage in Central Java 2019

The Governor of Central Java has signed a decree No.560/68/2018 on the determination of Regencies Minimum Wage (UMK) 2019. Minimum wage is the lowest monthly wage consisting of basic wage and fixed allowance for the workers with the lowest level with the period work less than 1 year. Wages of workers with a working period of one year or more shall be determined in accordance with agreements between workers / laborers / unions and employers bipartite by considering the productivity and the ability of the company.

Increase Percentage (%)
Governor's Decree
Rp 1,486,065
Rp 1,605,396
Central Java Governor's Decree No. 560/68 Year 2018 signed in 21 November 2018

Regencies Minimum Wage in Central Java 2019

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo finally set a minimum wage for 35 districts / cities in Central Java. The highest paid worker in Central Java is in Semarang City with rates amounting to Rp 2,498,587. While the lowest wage is Banjarnegara Regency Rp 1,610,000.

List of Regencies Minimum Wage Rates in Central Java 2019 :

Central Java Banjarnegara Regency Rp 1,610,000
  Jepara Regency Rp 1,879,031
  Karanganyar Regency Rp 1,833,000
  Kebumen Regency Rp 1,686,000
  Kendal Regency Rp 2,084,393
  Klaten Regency Rp 1,795,061
  Kudus Regency Rp 2,044,467
  Magelang Regency Rp 1,742,000
  Pati Regency Rp 1,742,000
  Pekalongan Regency Rp 1,859,885
  Pemalang Regency Rp 1,718,000
  Banyumas Regency Rp 1,750,000
  Purbalingga Regency Rp 1,788,500
  Purworejo Regency Rp 1,700,000
  Rembang Regency Rp 1,660,000
  Semarang Regency Rp 2,055,000
  Sragen Regency Rp 1,673,500
  Sukoharjo Regency Rp 1,783,500
  Tegal Regency Rp 1,747,000
  Temanggung Regency Rp 1,682,027
  Wonogiri Regency Rp 1,655,000
  Wonosobo Regency Rp 1,712,500
  Batang Regency Rp 1,900,000
  Magelang Regency Rp 1,707,000
  Surakarta City Rp 1,802,700
  Salatiga City Rp 1,875,325
  Semarang City Rp 2,498,587
  Pekalongan City Rp 1,906,922
  Tegal City Rp 1,762,000
  Blora Regency Rp 1,690,000
  Boyolali Regency Rp 1,790,000
  Brebes Regency Rp 1,665,850
  Cilacap Regency Rp 1,989,058
  Demak Regency Rp 2,240,000
  Grobogan Regency Rp 1,685,500