Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in West Java

Provincial and Regencies Minimum Wage in West Java 2019

Provincial Minimum Wage in West Java 2019

West Java Provincial Governor set The Provincial Minimum Wage of West java in 2019 amounting to Rp1,668,372. It is stated in the Decree of the Governor of West Java No. 561/Kep.1220-Yanbangsos/2018

With the establishment of the Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) in West Java 2019, the Regencies Minimum Wage 2019 in West Java must be greater than UMP West Java.

Increase Percentage (%)
Governor's Decree
Rp 1,544,360
Rp 1,668,372
Governor's Decree West Java No. 561/Kep.1220-Yanbangsos/2018

Regencies/Cities Minimum Wage in West Java 2019

Based on the discussion between the West Java's Mayor and the Wage Council of West Java Province, West Java Governor has set the scale of Regencies Minimum Wage Rates 2019 in 27 regencies and cities in the area of West Java Province. Decision on the determination of Regencies Minimum Wage in West Java Year 2019 set forth in the Governor's Decree (Kepgub) No. 561/Kep.1220-Yanbangsos/2018, which came into force as of January 1, 2019.

Karawang Regency has the highest Regencies Minimum Wage Rates of West Java in 2019, which is Rp 4,234,010. While the lowest is in Pangandaran Regency, amounting to Rp 1,714,673

List of Regencies Minimum Wage Rates in West Java 2019 :


West Java Banjar City Rp 1,688,217
  Cianjur Regency Rp 2,336,004
  Ciebon Regency Rp 2,024,160
  Cirebon City Rp 2,045,422
  Sukabumi City Rp 2,331,752
  Tasikmalaya City Rp 2,086,529
  Bekasi Regency Rp 4,146,126
  Kuningan Regency Rp 1,734,994
  Garut Regency Rp 1,807,285
  Majalengka Regency Rp 1,791,693
  Bandung City Rp 3,339,580
  Bogor Regency Rp 3,763,405
  Tasikmalaya Regency Rp 2,075,189
  Ciamis Regency Rp 1,733,162
  Pangandaran Regency Rp 1,714,673
  Indramayu Regency Rp 2,117,713
  Bandung Regency Rp 2,893,074
  West Bandung Regency Rp 2,898,744
  Sumedang Regency Rp 2,893,074
  Cimahi City Rp 2,893,074
  Depok City Rp 3,872,551
  Bogor City Rp 3,842,785
  Sukabumi Regency Rp 2,791,016
  Bekasi City Rp 4,229,756
  Karawang Regency Rp 4,234,010
  Purwakarta Regency Rp 3,722,299
  Subang Regency Rp 2,732,899