DecentWorkCheck Ethiopia - Garment Industry

The DecentWorkCheck in Ethiopia is concentrated on the garment industry and provides a way to measure whether working conditions comply with  labour laws. Despite widespread improvement efforts many garment factories still fail to comply with work and pay, work and leave and more. You can click here to see the DecentWorkCheck Ethiopia.

DecentWorkCheck Uganda - Flower Farms

The flower farm sector in Uganda, also known as the floricultural sector, forms the focus of this DecentWorkCheck. The aim is to check compliance with a range of labour laws and wage laws in the country such as work and employment security, work and sick leave, work and compensation and more. The easy DecentWorkCheck Uganda can be found here.

Garment and Flower Farm Sector News

  • Ethiopia, October 2019 - Ethiopia’s plans to become the world’s next big destination for textile and fashion production was boosted with the launch  of an innovative ILO programme focused on ensuring decent working conditions for the thousands of new workers joining the industry.  Establishing a thriving garment and textile industry could provide work for up to 300 000 Ethiopian workers and is a key part of the country’s industry development strategy.
  • Australia, October 2019 - Cotton On and Australia Target will no longer source cotton from China's Xinjian province due to concerns over human rights abuses in the textile sector. One source said the province resembled a "mass internment camp", according to the UN, where "dissidents" are rounded up and forced to work in factories, according to